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Catalog Sales Forecasting: Statistical Methods vs. Artificial Intelligence
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Police Force Size Optimization (Long Beach Police Dept.)
Contrasting How Personality is Reflected in Occupation for Different Ability Levels
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Michelin Guide Restaurants’ Effect On Neighborhood Economic Development
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Effect of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry in San Francisco
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Evaluation of the Los Angeles County Jail Population
The Impact of the Post-War & Contemporary Art Market on Other Segments of the Art Market
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Information and Volatility Dynamics in the Bitcoin Futures Market
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1 Plan Preferences in Medicare Advantage: Effects of County Environment on Healthcare Choices in Health Maintenance Organizations and Preferred Provider Organizations
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Development of the Career Helping Behaviors
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Evaluation of the Los Angeles County Jail Population
Evaluation of the Los Angeles County Jail Population
Using the Blotto Game to Model the 2016 Presidential Election
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How does Facebook Trends Affect News Exposure?
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Deterministic Digits: Assessing the Impact of Physical Predictors of Risk Tolerance
College Major Choice Under Financial Constraint: How do low-income students choose majors compared to the representative student body at Northwestern?
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Personality as an Economic Advantage?: The Role of Personality in the Intergenerational Transmission of Income
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Modeling the Labor Economics of the NBA
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Police Force Size Optimization (Long Beach Police Dept.)
Can Public Transportation Reduce the Effects of Spatial Mismatch? A Case Study of Chicago
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Police Force Size Optimization (Long Beach Police Dept.)
The Effects of U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges on Matriculation Decisions
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The Effects of Having High Status Goals on Subjective Well-Being
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Yellow Fever and Sticky Rice: A Mixed Method Investigation of Queer Asian Heterophily in Chicago
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The Paradox of ETFs’ Passivity: Can the Intentional Diversification of ETFs Lead to Unintentional Increases in Correlation?
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Do Corporations Influence Each Other? Similarities of Donations Among Corporate PAC's
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Public Policy Analysis: Poverty and the Markov Model
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Show-Stopping Numbers: What Makes or Breaks a Broadway Run
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The Problem with Passivity: How the ETFs Affect the Volatility of Underlying Securities
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Interplay of Policy Instruments in Climate Economics
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Refusing to Contract and Contracting for Refuse : Waste Collection Agreements in Cook County
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Relative Age Effect in High School
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